Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Racism is still alive and kicking in ignorant fools"

So this is far from what I usually post about but I felt that this story was well worth telling. A wonderful woman that I know whose name is Ruby and who is of Indian decent was in a situation the other day with a very ignorant racist at the drug store. Only this story is different from what I usually hear. Ruby stood up for herself and put the other woman in her place, taught her a little geography and hopefully made it so this woman would think twice before making a racist comment in the future. Here is word for word what Ruby shared with us on Facebook.

"Today, a woman behind me in line at Shoppers Drug Mart murmured ‘Move it along, Paki, or go back to India.’ - loud enough for me to hear it. I turned around, gave her a detailed geography lesson, a breakdown of my heritage, and asked if she would like to kiss my brown ass or if her man, who stood there stunned, would like to say something as well. When they both couldn't make eye-contact anymore (other shoppers were staring at them now, much to my delight), I told them both to move it along themselves. Unreal.

The difference between racism in 2011 vs. 1911 is that I can actually say something back. What isn’t different – racism is still alive and kicking in ignorant fools."

I am beyond embarrassed for this poor ignorant woman. While beyond impressed that Ruby had the lets say 'balls' for lack of a better term to stand up and express that this woman was a complete and utter idiot. Thank you Ruby for sharing your story I hope this lady along with many others in the world who are unfortunate excuses for human beings think for a moment about what they are really saying. While taking a deep look inside of themselves and realize racism is not only hurtful but also completely uncalled for! 

Title: Sentence from Ruby Parhar's post. 
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