Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crazy for Wallpaper!

Now you may think that wallpaper is 'old' or 'tacky' maybe even 'goddy' but, it has come such a long way since the boarders of grapevines and ugly roses. I have fallen in love with wallpaper. It is such an easy way to add interest to a room, even the back of a shelf or cabinet. But in the case of wallpaper the saying 'Less is more' really applies here. Using a very bold wallpaper sparingly will really pay off in the end, especially if you are looking to add it to a smaller room or bathroom. In the case of a small room and even a larger room, a fun way to add lots of interest without jumping in with two feet is to choose one wall and make that your accent wall. Some ideas could be behind your head board, behind shelving that does not have a backing to it which will allow the wallpaper to show through, or just about any wall that you want to be the focal point of the space. Adding an accent wall is a fabulous way to bring a room from drab to absolutely fab!

My absolute fav wallpaper has to be the 'Damask' pattern. It is both traditional and modern in a sense by having two contrasting colours like black and white for instance. The intricate pattern really draws the eye and looks absolutely stunning! But there are more patterns than just 'Damask' that look fabulous. You could even try a bold stripe or alternate floral pattern, or even an interesting abstract pattern. But always keep in the back of your mind "less is more". And also remember not to choose a pattern that may be too much or too bold and colourful, you want to choose something that you will enjoy for longer than a month! If you are unsure about wallpaper but what to give it a try there are a ton of options that have a subtle pattern but will still look gorgeous.


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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rosette Lampshade DIY

I was in a love hate relationship with the lamps in my bedroom. They are cute and simple and do the job they are meant to but I was beginning to find them boring. The lamps are meant to just be temporary until we find a pair that we absolutely love, which is surprisingly harder than I thought. I never just want to settle when it comes to the decor in our house. I want to find that one piece that stands out and says "Perfect".

Bedside lamps were one thing we really could not go without so we decided to buy an inexpensive pair of temporary lamps at Ikea. They are totally cute and match the colour scheme in our room perfectly. But they just needed a little 'je ne sais qua' and I couldn't figure out what I could do to them until I found the permanent replacements. That was until I had some extra strips of grey fabric.

And voila! Nothing too drastic but just enough to add a little more interest to the shades. These rosettes are so simple to make, but I think they are adorable. So with a little fabric, hot glue and some creativity (mind you very little) these lamps have been spruced up just enough to make me love them again. Now I am debating buying more of the same fabric and covering the entire shade in rosettes. But for now the little flowers add just enough.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Solution to my jewelry organization!

Keeping my jewelry neatly organized used to be such a headache for me. I have and adorable jewelry box but it always seemed too small to hold all my oversized rings, bracelets and bangles, dangly earrings and large pendant necklaces. My necklaces were always getting tangled together no matter how neat and tidy I kept each compartment. Finally I had enough and decided that it was time to find a solution.

The solution to my tangled mess of jewelry came in the form of an adorable little shelf with hangers. Not only does it keep my necklaces and larger pairs of earrings neat and tidy but it displays them like a little piece of art in our bathroom.

I was not sure what to put on the top shelf but looking on the counter in the bathroom I saw the nail polish bottles for the summer season shoved in a corner. With the changing seasons I am always changing my nail polish choices to suit the time of year. So now I have the perfect little spot for the select colours I am wearing during any season. I love being able to have a place for everything, it makes finding things so much easier, that rooting under the sink in the basket I keep all my colours in. Or detangling a mess of chains in my jewelry box.

I am loving this bathroom more and more each time I add something new.  I was very hesitant about painting the room purple as I am more of a neutral tone kinda girl. But when the hubby gave me the go ahead to make this bathroom my own (seeing as I already took it over with all my stuff) I thought why not? I love it its my little girly oasis. The rest of the house (besides my office) is suited towards the both of us. So I love having my own little space to get ready each day.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lovely Laces Adorable Booties for Fall

So I am always looking for fabulous shoes to add to my ever growing collection and I think some cute lace up booties for fall/spring will be my next addition. I was online yesterday and happened across 6 pairs that I love! The neural colour and texture of these shoes look so inviting. I really like the little ankle bootie, for fall I think they're a perfect option as we wont be wading through 3 feet of snow!

Investing in a pair of boots or anything you may be spending a little bit of money on I always keep the colour and style in mind. I ask myself "Can I wear these with lots of different outfits?" Buying a more expensive pair of shoes you want to be able to wear them! I also look at the style of a shoe, can you dress it up a little bit? Can you wear them casual? These booties fit perfectly under all categories! 

  • Black Old Navy Oxford Ankle Boot 
  • Jeffrey Campbell Platform Ankle Boot
  • Mimi Loves Jimi Chase 
  • Mossimo Taupe Bootie
  • Peroxy Nine West 
  • Mimi Loves Jimi Lailliow

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Summer lovin' happened so fast!"

So I may be jumping the gun on this post, but you can never be too prepared when it comes to fashion. With the cooler weather slowly creeping up on us it is soon going to be time to put away the summer dresses. There is one thing I look forward to in the cooler weather and that is layering. I love layering clothing, it adds so much dimension and interest to an outfit. I also find it is easier to dress for those days of feeling bloated and gross. Because we all know a great hair day and a kick ass outfit can brighten up those gloomy days.




The transition period from Summer to Fall is a great time of year for mixing up your outfits and layering different colours, patterns and textures. Not only is the weather still warm enough for some of your Summer wardrobe but also cool enough for some of your fall wardrobe as well. Making the choices endless! Mix and match pieces from the two seasons like wearing shorts with a cute knit top or blazer.




As the weather gets cooler you are ready to transition from summer/fall clothing and layer your little heart away!


(Title - Grease - Summer Nights)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"The wolf is hungry, he runs this show. He's licking his lips, he's ready to win"

Yes I did just use Scorpions - Rock you like a hurricane in the title for this post. But I thought it suited the subject quite well. Pleather tights, thats right they're not just for Rock Stars anymore. I have seen these sexy leggings gracing the Runways and in magazines for quite some time now. Not until recently did they really start catching my eye. I know 'pleather' just has that make you want to cringe sound to it. But, these leggings fall into there own category of simply amazing.


The versatility of 'pleather tights' or 'faux leather' is just astonishing. I recently purchased a pair of these and was unsure at first how much they would go with. The possibilities I found are endless, casual, dressy, work appropriate, and so many more.


Weather your rocking this look during the day or the night you will no doubt be walking with confidence. Play up the styles too its so much fun to see what interesting looks you can pull off with these. After writing this post and seeing the photos I will no doubt in my mind be wearing these bad boys (wait does anyone say that anymore) anyways I will certainly be wearing my'n tomorrow.



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fashion Icon

There are countless fashion icons who have paved the way for fabulous fashion for many years. I have to say my fav is Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn is the epitome of class, sexy and feminine wrapped up in one fab little package. She has certainly paved the way for many of the timeless fashion trends we have seen over the years and still today.

Take the Cat Eye Sunglasses for example, Hepburn was known to sport these sex kitten frames on more than one occasion. They are one accessory that I feel is a must have.


Another example is the go to staple in every woman's closet. The fabulous Little Black Dress. Hepburn was one to pull off this look with such elegance and class with a side of sexy.


Along with the Cat Eye Sunglasses is the eyeliner. I personally love this look it is so sexy and fun. You can wear this look from day to night effortlessly. Hepburn is one fashion icon we have to thank for this one!


One trend that never seems to grow old is the mens button down dress shirt. Woman across the world have been thieving these garments for years! They are so comfortable and I think they scream sex appeal.  Wether your lounging around the house on a Sunday morning or out on the town, this shirt is so versatile it deserves a spot in every woman's wardrobe.



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"And my runway never looked to clear, but the hottest b*&%#? in heels right here!"

Today I was finally trying to sort out all of my pictures from my trip to Italy a couple months ago. There are so many and to be honest I just couldn't sit there any longer. That said, while flipping through the pictures I found myself really wanting to go back! I wish I could have spent so much more time there, there were literally stores all over the place. I would have gone into each and everyone of them if I could have. And the women, wow I could not believe it. Amazing is the only word to describe it. Everyday dressed up to the nines even if they were just getting there daily bread. They took such pride in there appearance and how they presented themselves. The amount of woman wearing heels totally outweighed the amount who wore flats. Sometimes I found myself wondering how they weren't falling all over the place on the old cobblestone streets. But, I guess if you grew up on those streets it becomes second nature.

While in Italy our home base was a small town called Este which is about half an hour from Venice. This town had the most fabulous little shops I found myself going back into them more than once.

The cobblestone was a bit hard for me in the heels that I brought with me, but I ended up finding these adorable little wedge heels that were perfect.

The weather while we were there was gorgeous, walking through all the little towns we went through got quite warm so I was tending to dress a little more casual. I wanted a cute pair of flats to wear when I really wasn't in the mood to put on heels after 12 hours of walking. I found these little sandals and totally fell in love.

Needless to say I cannot wait to go back. Everything was so beautiful, I loved the old buildings and the ease of life that was Italy.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Office Accessories Wish List

Today I was looking around on line for some home decor ideas and came across some pieces that I would love to have in my office. I decided I was going to create a wish list with the items that I would like to have, hopefully I can find items that are similar to these. But I figure it gives me a great start off point, and a general idea of what I would like.

I would love to have a cute little ottoman that may or may not have space inside for storage, I even have the perfect spot reserved for one! I came across this adorable storage ottoman that would be perfect!

I have always wanted to have a pretty chandelier in my office but I don't have the high ceilings for a large one. Then I came across this and thought it is the perfect compromise! I have seen this light fixture at Home Depot and other stores alike in the past and I always liked it. Now that my office is put together I now have the perfect place for it. But that is not the best part. This fabulous chandelier is totally ATM friendly, and I always love a great deal!


Looking around Home Sense is one of my fav things to do, you never know what cute little pieces your going to find. I have seen these hourglasses quite often. I always like them but never end up buying one.  I have decided that next time I come across the perfect one I will not hesitate. I think something like this would look so cute on a desk or as an accent on a bookshelf.


For years I have always fantasized about having a mannequin in my office, now that I finally have the office its just a matter of getting my hands on a mannequin. And let me tell you, they are not easy to find. I mean sure you can go out and pick one up for loads of that hard earned money, but I have a difficult time justifying spending so much. So the search continues. I know that if I am patient I will come across one someday and love it all the more! I love this one!


I am quite certain that I will be adding to this wish list, and also finding great pieces for my house that aren't even on this list. But its a start! I kind of have a visual diary in my head of pieces that I am looking for, but sometimes you just never know when something else is going to catch your eye.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Would you wear Suspenders?

I think this fashion trend is a love it or hate it situation. I for one fall under the love it category. The key to wearing this trend in my opinion is subtlety. Don't go over the top to the point of Steve Ercle. This look is so easy to pull of weather your dressing casual in jeans or dress for a day at the office. If your unsure of this trend but want to give it a try, check your local thrift store so your not forking out a lot of cash for something you may not wear for long. Another way to dabble in the trend is to try thinner suspenders, the small thin lines are a subtle way to add interest without going full boar - over the top. So wether your raiding your dads closet or venturing to the thrift store, hone in on that inner 'nerd' and rock those suspenders.

Cute ways to wear your suspenders with confidence.





And.......this one well just DONT do it. 



Sunday, August 7, 2011

Boyfriend jeans....brilliant? I say absolutely!!


When this trend first surfaced I was somewhat hesitant. I thought this look could be amazing or an utter flop. The trend has taken off quite successfully but this does not mean everyone has got the look down right. I found the key to the 'Boyfriend jean' is loose fitted of course but not so much that you become lost in the pants. Trying on different fits and styles is a must for this trend. Finding the right balance between loose fitting and looking like you have been swallowed by the pants is a fine line. But, once you find the right pair I think this trend is totally genius and not to mention so comfortable.


I decided to raid my fiances closet and stole a few pairs of his jeans he no longer wears. Now I am a true believer that boyfriend closet thefts and pure genius. I have been sporting this trend for quite some time now and do not think I will be stopping anytime soon. So many possibilities with these jeans. LOVE them!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marbled Nail Polish Design

I love the way this nail design looks and the best part is its SO simple. I chose subtle colours for my'n but you can mix any colours of your own.

Start With a glass of water, your nail polish choices and some tooth picks.

Add a couple drops of each colour choice into the water, which will create a large circle.

Use your toothpick to make your design pulling in towards the middle of the circle.

Dip your finger into the circle until the whole nail is submerged.
Once your nail is covered swirl your toothpick around in the water and all the left over polish will stick. Thus leaving you with a clean slate for your next nail!

Clean around the edges of the nail and VOILA! You have yourself marbled nails. See its that easy! Try using brighter colours and multiple to get a funky design!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sticks n' stones make break my bones, But chains and whips excite me!......Black clutch DIY


                                          Vera Wang Fashion Week



This was the clutch to start, boring!

And this was the clutch after, I added chains and black studs along the top.

For this look I also created a multi-chain necklace. (Mr. T?)

What Im wearing:

  • Shoes - Black Yves St. Laurent platform stilettos 
  • Pearl and Jewel ring - RW 
  • Black Clutch - Old Navy
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