Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crazy for Wallpaper!

Now you may think that wallpaper is 'old' or 'tacky' maybe even 'goddy' but, it has come such a long way since the boarders of grapevines and ugly roses. I have fallen in love with wallpaper. It is such an easy way to add interest to a room, even the back of a shelf or cabinet. But in the case of wallpaper the saying 'Less is more' really applies here. Using a very bold wallpaper sparingly will really pay off in the end, especially if you are looking to add it to a smaller room or bathroom. In the case of a small room and even a larger room, a fun way to add lots of interest without jumping in with two feet is to choose one wall and make that your accent wall. Some ideas could be behind your head board, behind shelving that does not have a backing to it which will allow the wallpaper to show through, or just about any wall that you want to be the focal point of the space. Adding an accent wall is a fabulous way to bring a room from drab to absolutely fab!

My absolute fav wallpaper has to be the 'Damask' pattern. It is both traditional and modern in a sense by having two contrasting colours like black and white for instance. The intricate pattern really draws the eye and looks absolutely stunning! But there are more patterns than just 'Damask' that look fabulous. You could even try a bold stripe or alternate floral pattern, or even an interesting abstract pattern. But always keep in the back of your mind "less is more". And also remember not to choose a pattern that may be too much or too bold and colourful, you want to choose something that you will enjoy for longer than a month! If you are unsure about wallpaper but what to give it a try there are a ton of options that have a subtle pattern but will still look gorgeous.


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