Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Striped clutch DIY...

I made a couple leather clutches a few weeks ago out of some leather fabric I had laying around un-used. I decided one needed to have a little colour and I had seen a few of these self painted clutches so thought I would give it a shot. What have you DIYed lately?

Tape off the bottom portion of your bag being sure to press the tape down firmly so you do not get any bleeding of the paint. 

Paint the bottom portion of the bag in white for a base coat. Since the leather is black and I am planning on using light colours for my stripes a base coat will allow the colours to be true and not have any black show through. 

Once your paint has fully dried remove your original piece of tape. Apply two more pieces one that will be directly on the painted line of your first colour and a second about half an inch above.

Again apply your base coat of white paint to this thinner line.

Apply your colour when your base coat has dried. I applied two coats of each colour to make sure they were solid colour with no white showing through. Once your paint has fully dried remove it and voila! You can apply modge podge or a clear sealant over the bag so that your paint wont get ruined over time and use.

Much Love!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Casual weekend...Outfit Post.

What I'm wearing:

Sunglasses - RayBan in Wayfarer.
Top - Sheer black tank from H&M.
Belt - Brown leather belt from Tommy Hilfiger. (ancient!)
Pants - Guess jeans.
Shoes - Brown leather wedge sandals from Aldo.
Ring - Bronze oversized metal ring from Forever21.
Bag - Coral clutch from Winners with gold details. I adore this bag so much. I think it has become my new favourite for summer. I am using it mostly as a clutch but it also came with an adorable dainty gold chain for a strap. When using the strap its so long it can be used as a crossbody bag which is perfect for little outings when I want to be hands free.

Much Love! 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Epitome of a girly home! Friday Love...

Stark white, pops of bright colour, girly and all with a little eclectic mix thrown in. I came across this beautiful home tour via Style at Home and I had to share it with you. The owner of this adorable, stunning space is Marlie Waks, sister of the design editor of Style at Home Jessica Waks. The two paired up and designed a space that would be perfectly in tune with Marlies personality. They also wanted to reflect Marlies love of white rooms and furniture. Throwing in loads of colour to contrast the neutral pallet this condo is the epitome of a girly home. I adore the colours, pink and orange with pops of yellow. What girl wouldn't love to live here? And those Chanel prints above her couch? Love! 

Much Love and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

That time of year again....Outfit Post....

I want to start off my apologizing for my sheer lack of posts in the past week. I don't recall if I mentioned it on here or not but it was my birthday on Tuesday. I swear it has felt non stop since Sunday Night and has not slowed down until today. Sunday night started with a birthday dinner at my parents house which was great! I honestly cannot recall what went on Monday except I got my birthday gift from my parents and hubby (Blackberry playbook, more to come on this later) I don't recall what else but it must have been busy as I didn't post a thing. Tuesday was the big day and the husband(were not officially married yet but after 6 years and a house together boyfriend doesn't seem appropriate) took the day off work so he could spend it with me. So we went out shopping and spent the day together which I adored. Following our little outing we had a couple friends over for another birthday dinner.

Even Wednesday was crazy busy with lots of running around. Which included the purchase of my new sticker for my car. I swear I walked out of the building and couldn't believe how fast you can lose $80. I will stop there as I hate this portion of owning a car. Other than that it was another glorious day. With the birthday celebrations done I am looking forward to relaxing and not eating anymore birthday cake!

What Im wearing:

Sunglasses - RayBan in Wayfarer.
Top - Flowy loose filigree skull tee. Birthday gift from the man. I am not at all sure where he picked this up, it has a name I have never heard of and when I ask where he got it of course he doesn't remember.
Pants - Silver jeans in Tuesday. Find them here.
Shoes - Black suede booties from Aldo.
Bag - Coach Madison op art sateen Maggie. Find it here.
Ring - Gold cross ring from Forever 21. (another birthday gift from the man and I adore it!)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Nude and Coral manicure....Tutorial...

Through different seasons I always end up finding my new favourite colour for that time of year. At the beginning of Spring this year I came across a nude polish by Loreal titled Walk on the beach. I cannot begin to describe how much I adore this shade. The polish itself is so great, its not too thin so two coats is perfect coverage and it dries fairly quickly with the perfect amount of shine. I have a feeling I will be wearing this polish throughout the entire year. Another colour that I am obsessed with this summer is titled Club Havana  by Wet n' Wild. I cannot believe the quality of this polish after spending less than $3 for it. The polish is very pigmented so with skill one coat would be sufficient. The colour is a beautiful mix of coral and a subtle orange. I do not think I would ever be daring enough to slap on an orange polish but this one is perfectly in between.

Last night I got my nails filed and ready for a fresh coat of polish and it seems I am always torn between these two shades I have trouble deciding which one to go with. Both! So the only thing I could do was wear both shades in a French manicure style and I adore the two shades together just as much as apart.

Much Love and Happy Friday!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Chevron Clutch Tutorial...

For this DIY I was overly excited to see the finished product I failed to take step by step photos! I will do my best to explain my process in writing along with the photos that I managed to remember to take. It is a very simple DIY with minimal steps. The hardest part is getting the chevron stripes to be geometrically accurate. As well the taping process is a little time consuming but putting in the effort and time will ensure that your stripes are measured perfectly! This DIY would work perfectly with a clutch, wallet or any other bag you want to use. I would suggest using a bag that has more structure to it as it is much easier to work with and paint.

1. Create a chevron template out of a thin cardboard. This will help immensely in the taping process ensuring that your stripes are all the same width and shape.

2. Use a small piece of tape to secure your template in place on your bag and begin taping your line. Right along the bottom and top line of your template. Trim any access at the ends where your tape meets at inside and outside corners. This will ensure you have sharp corners. I made my template one inch to match the same width of the tape. (You can see in the photo below I was left with an area at the back where I had to make a thinner stripe) Make sure you press the tape down firmly to the fabric as to not allow any bleeding.

3. Once you have taped all of your stripes onto your bag you can start painting. I painted using very thin coats. Using thin coats will make sure that you do not have any paint streaks and lines. (those paints lines from using a brush) The photo below shows the bottom stripe with one coat of paint while the top line shows two coats.

4. Let your paint dry before moving on to the next coat. (which takes only a couple of minutes with the Martha Stewart paint that I used (the paint is multi surface craft paint in Grey Wolf) I ended up doing 3 coats of paint which was the perfect amount of coverage and since I used very thin coats it wasn't too thick.

5. Once your paint has fully dried carefully pull off all of the tape from the bag and voila! You have a custom chevron clutch!

You can spray your coat with a clear sealant or use a thin layer of modge podge to insure that with use you won't get any scratches in your paint.

Much Love...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Everybody knows that a broken heart is blind...Outfit Post...

It was terribly hot outside today to the point where it was hard to breath. Although it has cooled down a tiny bit tonight I cannot believe I decided to venture out in jeans. With the humidex it felt like 47 degrees! Don't get me wrong I love heat and love summer and it can stay as long as it likes but all I can say is wow. That being said I stayed very casual today with little to no accessories other than my two tiny silver bracelets (that I never really take off).

What I wore:

Sunglasses - Ray Ban in Cockpit.
Top - Navy blue cotton button up tank from RW&Co.
Bag - I found this cute little white clutch at the thrift store the other day, added a grey chevron pattern to it and Im in love. (tiny tutorial to come)
Pants - White skinny jeans from H&M.
Shoes - Brown leather sandal wedges from Aldo.

Title lyrics - The Black Keys - Little black submarine.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Laughter captured in a photo....Outfit post outtakes...

Summer, how much I love it I could honestly not even begin to describe. This year has been absolutely amazing so far. With so much time spent with friends and family in this beautiful weather I could not ask for anything more. Also I feel like such a little kid right now as I am counting down the days to my birthday, even know getting older is sometimes a little scary (mind you Im not that old lol) I enjoy my birthday each year. Not only is it usually a fun celebration but its a time to get together with the ones I love and have a blast! This being said 11 days til the big day. 

When going through the photos and editing I always find myself laughing at a lot of the photos that were taken. "What the heck am I doing there?" I try not to pose to much in my photos, I tend to feel more comfortable to just moving and walking around. When I pose, they look posed and I end up looking ridiculous. When I am just being myself they turn out so much better. (mind you not all) As you will see from these photos they also capture my true silly personality. It seems everytime I head out to take photos I end up laughing hysterically at something. So here are a few outtakes, and some that made it from previous outfit posts. 

See....What is going on in the above picture? I love being able to laugh at myself. (I think this may have been the aftermath of a huge bug landing on me)

Much Love...and Happy Friday!
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