Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Striped clutch DIY...

I made a couple leather clutches a few weeks ago out of some leather fabric I had laying around un-used. I decided one needed to have a little colour and I had seen a few of these self painted clutches so thought I would give it a shot. What have you DIYed lately?

Tape off the bottom portion of your bag being sure to press the tape down firmly so you do not get any bleeding of the paint. 

Paint the bottom portion of the bag in white for a base coat. Since the leather is black and I am planning on using light colours for my stripes a base coat will allow the colours to be true and not have any black show through. 

Once your paint has fully dried remove your original piece of tape. Apply two more pieces one that will be directly on the painted line of your first colour and a second about half an inch above.

Again apply your base coat of white paint to this thinner line.

Apply your colour when your base coat has dried. I applied two coats of each colour to make sure they were solid colour with no white showing through. Once your paint has fully dried remove it and voila! You can apply modge podge or a clear sealant over the bag so that your paint wont get ruined over time and use.

Much Love!

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