Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friendship Necklace Tutorial

Since I posted my version of the 'friendship necklace' I have had a few requests for a tutorial. So as requested here it is!


What you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Embroidery Thread

Tie first knot in embroidery thread

Add twine and tie a second knot

Make a 4 with the first colour of choice

Create a knot around twine and the rest of the thread

Pull tight! ...... And thats it!!

Friendship Necklace...Accessory DIY


I recently saw these 'friendship bracelet' style necklaces and knew they would be a perfect DIY project. They are so simple to make and I felt totally nostalgic while creating them. These friendship necklaces to me are the perfect Adult version of the beloved bracelets we used to make as kids. It is such a simple design but mixing colours and wearing more than one adds a lot of interest to any outfit. I love them!

Her is my version of this cute little necklace. I plan on making a couple variations of this one.


Photo of My mom as a baby in one of my fav picture frames.

Photo from Flare Magazine 

Summer Heat Wave - Summer Trends

Summer Street Chic

Summer Street Chic by LeatherOrchid featuring lace up high heels

It is always so hard to find a cute outfit on those way too humid days! I always feel as though I cannot be bothered to put any effort into my outfits. But of course I always like to look my best. This outfit is inspired by that hot and humid weather! It is so simple, easy to just throw on and go while still looking totally cute! A little summer dress and minimal accessories on those super hot days is a fav go to of myn. It also works in your benefit when you are sporting a light and breathable fabric.

So slip that dress on and brave the heat while still looking totally fab!


You say its your Birthday...Well it's my Birthday too! Birthday gifts and Accessories.

So I love celebrating my birthday. Some people dread that one day out of the year because they only think of it as getting older, that much closer to grey hair, "oh my god I'm going to start to wrinkle!", and you get the point. But me, I enjoy it because's a day that is dedicated just to you! And common' tell me you don't enjoy that. But I also look at it as not getting older but more shall I say.....experienced. (and by that I mean 'life experience'.

And don't forget the wonderful birthday gifts that you receive! My parents this year picked out a card that actually made me teary! Granted I am an emotional person but this one was such a tear jerker! I plan on finding the perfect little frame for it, always a reminder of what an amazing family that I have.

Here is my accessory choices for today that include a few birthday gifts that I received.

My beautiful new Steve Madden 'Watermelon Satchel' (birthday gift) As well as my new dusty rose Cat eye sunglasses!

I am in love!

Oversized filigree ring.  Love!

And my Owl Pendant Necklace. Love!

Summer loving

Summer loving
Fabulous little outfit for running around town. PS LOVE those shoes....wish list!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Curiosity often leads to trouble....Summer Nail Trends

In keeping with my previous post, I will just add I cannot go a day without my nails being painted. They have been painted for so long that I am not used to them being bare. This being said, I wanted to try out a new summer nail trend that I have been spotting for some time now. I never thought of painting my nails entirely white, maybe the tips but the whole nail? Well....I tried it and I love it! The polish I used has shine to it, although I would also like to try a white nail polish that has a matte finish.

There is just something about white that makes it so comforting to me. (maybe because my bed sheets have always been a crisp white, and whats more comfortable than bed?) The crisp and clean shade is perfect for summer! Although I may have to sport this colour year round.

The beautiful Orchid in these photos is thanks to my wonderful father as part of my birthday gift this past sunday. I have always wanted an orchid, they are so beautiful and there is nothing like having fresh flowers in the house. Lets just hope they aren't as hard to keep as it seems!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Hot town, Summer in the city....My Summer Hair styles 2011

So I am totally in love with summer and everything that it has to offer, except unruly hair due to humidity. Don't get me wrong I love a "I just rolled out of bed" but controlled look. But totally not the "out of control can't do anything but put on a hat" look. So, this summer I am all about trying out cute new casual updo's for those "unruly" days. With the current heat streak we are having, this tends to be quite often. But I wont complain about heat when its all I want when we have 4 feet of snow.

I was browsing the web for some inspiration when I came across some fabulous styles that I just had to try. For some reason I am drawn to any style that involves a french braid. Not only is it a fabulous way to keep control of your fly aways, but it also adds a little "je ne sais quoi".

A side braid and low side style I am sporting a lot of this summer. I opt for a messier braid when wearing this style casually.


Cats Meeow!…Summer sex kitten in Cat Eye Sunglasses

From Wild Sex Kitten to subdued and retro-chic, these cat eye sunglasses are an absolute must-have for Summer 2011. These pur-ific shades are making there come back from there popularity through the 1950s and 1960s. A memorable icon who donned this style, Audrey Hepburn in the classic (and my number one fav!) 'Breakfast at Tiffanys'. I adore these strikingly feminine 'Cat Eye frames', and will certainly be flaunting this style all summer and right into fall. I love them!

                                                                                        From sweetly subdued                                       

                                                                                To dramatic angles and patterns

Wunderkind at

Love Them xo

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Nail Trends - Summer 2011 - Before you paint the town paint your nails.

Nail polish is something every woman should have time for. Not only is it a fun way to spice up and outfit, but it can be a great accessory. 

This summers polish trends are strikingly vibrant (which I happen to love). Vibrant nail polish adds a fun and flirty twist! Here are some popular shades this season. 

Mint greens with there subtle pastel colour are cute and bright while still keeping a toned down look. Great for the office and the beach!

Mimosa has also upped the anti this summer in the bright department, its like little rays of sunshine on each finger tip. 


And don't forget the go to hot pink. This shade is one of my favourites and when this polish comes out of hiding for the winter, I know summer has arrived! 


So paint those nails before you paint the town! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, and a kick-ass lipstick."

I absolutely agree that beauty is totally about being comfortable in your own skin. What more suitable  way to accent your self confidence than a hot pink pout? I have never been one for wearing much make-up, but this summer I have been very open with trying something different. Flipping through magazines and online articles I kept coming across fabulous shades of pink lipstick.

Vibrant coloured lipsticks aren't as high maintenance as they seem. You can skip the lip liner and just apply the lipstick directly, which gives a nice youthful look. But the key to having a bright luscious pout is to not be too 'matchy matchy'. You certainly don't want to be covered in pink from head to toe! Try the hot pink pout with a more 'understated' outfit. This will ensure your lips will be the focal point you are trying to achieve. Hot pink lips are the only accessory needed! (Should we accredit Katy Perry or Gwen Stefani for this alluring fashion trend?)

In keeping with a youthful look, make sure your eye makeup is subdued, you don't want it competing with your bright pink lips. Try wearing mascara without eyeliner, or trade in a dramatic smokey eye for a more neutral look of shadows in neautral/taupe that blend effortlessly with your skin tone.

And most of all....have fun with summer makeup trends. Summer is the best time of year to test out more vibrant shades of shadows and lipstick shades.

Enjoy. xo

Choose one accent colour for your eyes and use it sparingly to add just a simple pop of colour. To this try a more neutral lip colour, to make your eyes the focal point.

Choose neutral eyeshadows when wearing a dramatic shade of lipstick. Hot pink lips are the only accessory needed! Let them pop!

My makeup selections

  • Lipstick - Covergirl lip perfection in 'Temptress'
  • Eyeshadow pallet - Elf 32 shade shadow pallet
  • MAC shadow in 'Arena' satin
  • Sephora shadow in 'Golden Girl No. 50'
  • Sephora shadow in 'Aspen Summit No. 25'
  • MAC sheertone shimmer blush in 'Trace Gold' 
- tital quote - Gweneth Paltrow

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Code Blue...Denim do it yourself

So here is a little throw back to an 80s fashion trend for you. I recently acquired an old denim shirt that belonged to my step mom, that needed a little refab. I decided what better way to throw back to the 80s than bleach? And that is exactly what I did. I chose to use mostly diluted bleach and water and just a little straight bleach.

This look has slowly started to resurface so it totally pays off to keep a few staples that may fade out of fashion. Like the fashion designer Yves St. Laurent said "Fashions fade, style is eternal". So keep those pieces that seem to have fizzled out. It may take time, but as this 80s bleached denim goes to show you it will repeat itself! And don't be scared to revamp your closet with a little 'do it yourself' sprucing.


This shirt was quite boxy and a little large for me. I ended up taking it in just a little bit while still being able to keep that 'oversized look'. I also chose to add a belt to give a little more definition.

I could not help adding in some pictures of the shoes I chose to complete this look. The colour plays off the belt nicely. And what can I say.....I love me a pretty pair of shoes!

The wedge heel to these leather loafers takes them from comfort to fabulous!

What I'm wearing....

  • Shirt - Hand me down do it yourself project fabulous
  • Owl Necklace - Forever21
  • Filigree ring - Forever21
  • Brown Leather belt - One of those 'Honestly don't remember'
  • Leather wedge loafers - Aldo 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DIY Oversized rings

The one accessory that I never leave the house without is at least one oversized ring! I just cannot get enough of them. Costume jewelry is a huge part of my wardrobe. It's so totally affordable that you don't have to feel guilty about having an over abundance of it! I recently took a trip to Italy and while I was in Venice, saw so many which lead me to become inspired to create some of my own.

If jewelry design is a scary thought, read on and see just how simple it can really be. On a recent trip to the thrift store I found some fabulous clip on earrings and the first thing I thought...."those would make an amazing ring". I had some ring bases that I bought from a local craft store and got to work right away. I spray painted one and left the other as it was. Making your own jewelry will give you some added one of a kind pieces to fill that jewelry box.

Enjoy, and don't be afraid to do it yourself!


Bib Necklace - do it yourself

So right now I am all about the bib necklace.....I am loving this fashion trend, and the fact that you can dress it up or dress it down. Either way it is totally fabulous. So in any case bibs aren't just for babies anymore.

I decided to delve into my creativity and come up with some of my own styles of this wonderfully adorable piece of neckwear. The best part, you ask? Totally ATM friendly. I chose to use old scraps of fabric, beads and chains I had around the house. I fell so in love with this 'do it yourself' that I made a few in different colours because, well....a girls gotta have choices!

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