Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, and a kick-ass lipstick."

I absolutely agree that beauty is totally about being comfortable in your own skin. What more suitable  way to accent your self confidence than a hot pink pout? I have never been one for wearing much make-up, but this summer I have been very open with trying something different. Flipping through magazines and online articles I kept coming across fabulous shades of pink lipstick.

Vibrant coloured lipsticks aren't as high maintenance as they seem. You can skip the lip liner and just apply the lipstick directly, which gives a nice youthful look. But the key to having a bright luscious pout is to not be too 'matchy matchy'. You certainly don't want to be covered in pink from head to toe! Try the hot pink pout with a more 'understated' outfit. This will ensure your lips will be the focal point you are trying to achieve. Hot pink lips are the only accessory needed! (Should we accredit Katy Perry or Gwen Stefani for this alluring fashion trend?)

In keeping with a youthful look, make sure your eye makeup is subdued, you don't want it competing with your bright pink lips. Try wearing mascara without eyeliner, or trade in a dramatic smokey eye for a more neutral look of shadows in neautral/taupe that blend effortlessly with your skin tone.

And most of all....have fun with summer makeup trends. Summer is the best time of year to test out more vibrant shades of shadows and lipstick shades.

Enjoy. xo

Choose one accent colour for your eyes and use it sparingly to add just a simple pop of colour. To this try a more neutral lip colour, to make your eyes the focal point.

Choose neutral eyeshadows when wearing a dramatic shade of lipstick. Hot pink lips are the only accessory needed! Let them pop!

My makeup selections

  • Lipstick - Covergirl lip perfection in 'Temptress'
  • Eyeshadow pallet - Elf 32 shade shadow pallet
  • MAC shadow in 'Arena' satin
  • Sephora shadow in 'Golden Girl No. 50'
  • Sephora shadow in 'Aspen Summit No. 25'
  • MAC sheertone shimmer blush in 'Trace Gold' 
- tital quote - Gweneth Paltrow

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