Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"a brief moment in time where it feels like she never left"

In about 3 months it will be 2 years since my Mom passed away. Saying that feels so strange and foreign to me, as it doesn't quite feel like yesterday but it certainly does not feel like 2 years. Grief is such a powerful emotion and process that is unfortunately a part of life that we all have to go through. When I say go through I personally don't think that we just pass through, some of us stopping and lingering unwillingly or willingly longer than others. No, I think that grief is something that stays with a person and never truly and completely goes away. I think that it lays dormant for any period of time and can creep back up at any point. I do not think that grief is something that we go through but something that we carry with us and learn how to cope with as apposed to learning how to get rid of. Grief is the process of learning how to deal with the loss, the hurt, the confusion, the heartbreak of losing someone and losing a  part of your life that will inevitably never return. When you lose someone whom you love so much I don't think that anyone could ever possibly be 100% over it. Could ever possibly go through and wake up one day to never again miss that person, feel saddened that that person is gone, or wish that person could come back. No, we learn to cope with all of those feelings.

Grief is something that I will have to cope with for the rest of my life. We all deal with it and learn to cope in different ways. Some may be stronger than others, some may just look that way. Whilst others may have a harder time learning to deal with all of the emotions of losing someone so close. I am still learning and struggling ever day. I admit it is a little bit easier but not everyday feels that way. I still cannot bring myself to delete her name and phone number of my cell phone. I feel as though in some way it keeps her here. Crazy I know, what is even crazier is that I have called that number. I don't know what exactly I was expecting but its the inevitable 'this number is not assigned'. She is gone, she will never answer her phone again but for that brief moment in time when I press dial its a brief moment in time where it feels like she never left.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Au Champagne

I have been in love with this new ORLY Nail Laquer that I got in my stocking for Christmas. I love white nail polish. The crisp white is so nice and it matches literally everything you wear! When I got this new white called Au Champagne I fell head over heels in love with it. It is a frosty white with a semi-matte finish to it. I particularly like polishes that have a matte finish and this one has a perfect finish. The almost Sparkly look to the polish is perfect as well. Not too much but just the right amount of sparkle against the matte is so unique! Another unique a fun thing about this polish is that the lid has a rubber finish to it that makes for a great non-slip handle on the brush! Speaking of the brush, I find a good applicator adds to how well the polish goes on and this one was perfect! The polish also dries so differently than others that I have. It dries very hard and stays on without chipping for SO long. We are talking like a week and a half to two weeks without any chipping(if you aren't overly rough on your hands and nails) which is VERY impressive! Overall I love the polish and have my eye out for more colours from this Brand.

Happy Friday!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes 2012

So how many of you caught the Golden Globes last night? My favourite part of any awards is the Red Carpet. Who's isn't? I love seeing all the beautiful gowns, hairstyles and ext. I find that awards shows don't always keep my attention past the Red Carpet. There were a few looks last night that I kind of cringed or thought 'Really?'. There were however many more looks that got the 'oooo's and 'ahhhh's out of me. Here are a few of my favourites from the night.

Kate Beckensale in my eyes stole the show with this amazing dress! I love the colour on her, it plays so well to her skin tone and hair colour. The sharpness of the neckline in this dress is stunning against the softness of the bottom.

I love the contrast of this Blood red dress with the structure and sex appeal against Reese's soft and simple hairstyle. Most structured dresses are paired with a like up-do but I love the 'unexpectedness' of wearing her hair down.

I saw this dress and fell in love. I adore the neckline and literally every inch of this gown. The simple bun that Shailene is wearing really allows you to focus your eyes on all the detail!

Sophia Vergara oozed both sophistication in this navy beauty! This dress has to be at the top of my love list with Kate. The detail in this dress is unbelievable and done so well. So much detail but not so much to be over the top. I also love the colour, and it literally fits her like a glove.

Sarah Hyland wore this dress perfectly. I love the nude lace paired with the black belt. And the swept updo was a perfect pair in my eyes!

Source: Bellasugar

Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Getting older ain't for sissies, I'll tell ya." Iris Apfel

Now this is a woman that more of us should look up to. She has style, she has grace, she has elegance, she has class and most of all she has sense. I came across an interview today showcasing the lovely Iris Apfel and I think I was smiling the entire time that I was reading it. I also got very excited because she has come out with her own line of lipstick, eye shadows and nail polish with MAC. Seriously? How can you not be excited. I think that I am most looking forward to the line of Lipstick. She has created a line that is bold, bright colours that are a matte finish. I personally love a matte finish. I never used to wear a lot of make up. Wether it was eye shadow or lip stick I always shied away from it because I was not used to seeing myself in it. I also did not want to draw attention to myself (I know weird right?). But I had dabbled more into make up as I got older and I still do not wear a whole lot, my eye shadow if worn is usually nude tones and for my lips is always just plain old lip gloss or chap or my fav bright pink lipstick. Regardless I am beyond excited to see the colours that Iris has come up with. 

Now in getting back to my reasoning behind Iris Apfel being someone to look up to as a wonderful role model. She has so many great values and outlooks on life. This article really emphasizes how much she embraces what she was born with. ‘Nothing makes a woman look so old as trying desperately hard to look young’. I think you can be attractive at any age. I think trying to look like a spring chicken when you’re not makes you look ridiculous.' I love it. She is so witty and full of self confidence which I think makes anyone that much more beautiful at any age! I think if women put some more of the time and money they put on their heads in their heads, they’d be better off. I mean, nobody’s going to think you’re thirty-two, so what’s the point?' One of my favourite portions of the article by far. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against plastic surgery. If it is something that will make you feel better about yourself or give you the confidence you need to feel good then to each there own. I only ever truly disagree with choosing plastic surgery is when you are doing it for wrong reasons. Reasons such as making someone else happy or trying to fit that 'Hollywood Beaty'. What I love most about the topics Iris discussed in this article is that she truly means what she says. She has her own opinion and point of view and doesn't stray from what she truly feels and believes. 

At the beautiful age of 90 Iris has not slowed down one ounce. From creating a makeup line with MAC, designing glasses for Eye Bobs to doing a program with the Fashion School at the University of Texas. This is one woman that will let nothing slow her down. 

Photograph by ITG. Quotes from ITG

Monday, January 2, 2012


I just wanted to send out a little thank you to all of my readers. My blog is still in the early stages and with work and other activities in life it is sometimes hard for me to post on here as much as I would like. However with each view from you beautiful readers I grow more and more motivated to make this little hobby grow. I am looking for reader requests as well for some great DIYs that you would like me to try as well any other interests that you have give me a shout! So in keeping this short (sadly work in the morning) I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading and following my blog. This is my creative outlet and I love doing it. I hope you all enjoy as much as I do. And remember I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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