Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Headband Hairstyles.....

I think that we all have those days where it seems as though your hair just doesn't want to work for you. Seemingly working against you and any style your trying to put it in. One of my favourite ways to combat unruly hair is by adding a headband. Wether Im just using a simple black elastic band or adorning my hair with a statement piece. It is so simple to just throw your hair up when your having a bad hair day but by adding a headband to it you can change the entire look. Its almost as though you planned it all along and aren't disguising a rough day! My regular go to styles when Im in this predicament are a high slicked back pony tail with a simple black elastic band. Throwing my hair into a funky messy bun and adding a band for a little more umph. So simple, so easy, fast and still looks put together.

Much Love...

All photos via Pinterest. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Work wardrobe...From basics to fun accessories!

Dressing for work can be difficult. Trying to balance work appropriate with fun while showing your personality. But just because your dressing for work doesn't mean it has to be boring. By creating a work wardrobe with some great basics that are still stylish and fashionable you have the perfect starting point for your 9 to 5 wear. Here is a great wardrobe to start off from that includes great neutral tones and some fabulous fit! Pencil skirts in neutral colours may seem understated but nothing looks better than a great fitting skirt. Make sure this form fitting beauty is not too tight or too short. Just above the knee or below would be perfect for the office. Every woman knows that a great staple in your wardrobe is a classic pair of black slacks. Look for a straight leg (and again not too tight) this will keep the slacks modern and versatile. Shoes...your basic wardrobe should have a couple pairs of neutral shoes. I think they are perfect for that day when your running out of the house. Grab a pair of these and they will always match your outfit. Basic black pumps are not only a great staple but are forever classic! Nude heels will not only elongate your legs but are so effortlessly perfect. Last a comfortable pair of flats. Don't go too casual here, there are so many options with flats your bound to find the perfect pair that are both comfortable and dressy. 
The ever classic button down top. A crisp white button down is a long time basic and perfect for any working girl! Add a little flair to the classic style buy wearing a flowy fabric in a neutral tone. Also another great option for the button down is a pull over. Taking the beloved classic up a notch. 
Lastly a great fitting black blazer. Not only will this never go out of style it is a working wardrobe must! (in my eyes) 

A fun and simple way to add some fun and colour to your wardrobe is by incorporating bright blazers! Choose your outfit and add a bright or patterned blazer. Instantly with one simple addition your outfit has a whole new look and feel!
Once you have your basics for your work wardrobe you can play with the look and add tons of interest and dimension by playing with jewelry and accessories. Add a pop of colour with your shoes, bracelets, earrings or purse. An outfit can instantly be transformed into something completely new by just adding a few accessories. 

Much Love!

all photos via polyvore. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lauren Conrad for Kohl's Fall 2012...

I Know there have been a few other blogs who have made mention of Lauren Conrads new lookbook for her Fall 2012 LC for Khol's but I had to also share. Not only are the clothes stunningly feminine but they are completely wearable for everyday life. I do not think there was one piece that I did not love and want in my closet. With the gorgeous fabrics and flowy pieces they are bound to be comfortable as well. I adore the new Fall line and I equally adore her hair. Long flowing loose waves with the perfect ombre. I could not help but stare at her hair in every photo as I was going through the new line.

On another note the end to this week is going to be quite busy for me and I am not going to share any news yet as I don't want to jinx things and nothing is official. But a quick note that I may not have a post up here tomorrow. So that said I wish you all a beautiful weekend and I will see you next week with (cross your fingers) some exciting news!

Much Love...

All photos via Pinterest. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Conquered my struggles and weight gain! Outfit Post

With this blog I have been somewhat hesitant to share too much personal information. Partially to keep some of my life private as well as unsure that people would really want to know. That being said this is a little more personal than usual but I am so happy and to be honest quite proud of myself.

After my mom passed away in April of 2010 I began a hard battle with a horrible bout of depression. It honestly seemed as though myself and my life were ripping apart at the seams and I couldn't hold it together. I new I needed help and with that I sought help from my family doctor who referred me to some others. I was however put on a strong dose of anti-depressants as well as sleeping aids as nighttime seemed to be the worst. I talked through my problems and issues and brought back up many things from the past. It seemed though that things would never go back to the way they were.

While dealing with the depression and being on the medication I gained weight. I guess its a well known fact that many anti-depressants have this terrible side effect but I could not afford to be off the medication as it was helping me through my struggles. The weight gain became its own struggle in and of itself. I was horrified that I had become the biggest I have ever been and I hated it.

Eventually I was able to lower the medication and stop taking the sleep aids. (The sleep aids were also another form of anti-depressants and are one of the worst for weight gain) I slowly started to regain my shape again. It looked as though my body was bloated with water. I hated getting dressed and looking at my clothes that no longer fit.

The jeans that I am wearing in this photo I have not been able to wear since June or July of 2010. I have not even attempted to try them on in the past 2 years as I knew they would not fit. They are the smallest pair of jeans I own and I kept them as a push to regain the body I had and lose the weight I had gained. Today for some reason I decided to try them on and was amazed as I slid them past my butt and was able to actually do them up.

So I can finally say I kicked the weights ass and have lost the weight I gained in about 5 months. I am so happy to finally be where I was (although maybe a tiny tiny bit bigger). I am going to try and lose a little more and putting those jeans on was the push to make me do so!

What I'm wearing:

Sunglasses - RayBan Wayfarer. Find them here.
Top - Flowy white tank by Vivienne Tam.
Jeans - American Eagle skinny jeans. Find similar here.
Bag - American Eagle Deux Lux grey purse. (purchased the other day from Winners so I couldn't find it online.
Shoes - Turquoise platform stilettos by Qupid.
Jewelry - 3 piece studded ring set from Forever21, Gold cross ring from Forever21.
Watch - Nixon in Small Player. Find it here.

Much Love!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I will love you til the end of time...Outfit Post...

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous outside. During the day it was sunny and nice and warm but not too hot. (Perfect for having our windows open, we get quite the breeze through our house) As it got a little later in the day it cooled down to the perfect temperature. I could say perfect over and over in this post but thats what it was. After dinner we decided to go grab a coffee and have a little walk and I could not have asked for a better night.

What I'm wearing:

Sunglasses - Rayban Wayfarer.
Top - Basic grey tank from The Gap. 
Belt - Brown leather braided belt that came with a shirt I bought. 
Skirt - Nude maxi skirt by Cynthia Rowley.
Bag - Black leather envelope clutch made by myself. 
Ring - Gold bauble ring from H&M. 
Shoes - Silver flip flops from Aldo. 

Much Love and Happy Hump Day!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Top Knot....

Leave it loose, pull it tight, add a braid. The top knot is not only the perfect solution to a 'bad hair day' but there are endless possibilities with this fun little (or big) bun. Use a sock to create the donut shape, or just messily throw it up. (Although for the sake of your hair try not to wrap your hair elastic too tightly around your hair as this will cause breakage of those beautiful locks). Whatever way you chose to wear it I love the top knot and lean on it often for those days when I have to rush out the door and a simple pony tail just isn't doing it for me. What do you think about the top knot? Love it or hate it?

Much Love...

All photos via Pinterest. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Striped clutch DIY...

I made a couple leather clutches a few weeks ago out of some leather fabric I had laying around un-used. I decided one needed to have a little colour and I had seen a few of these self painted clutches so thought I would give it a shot. What have you DIYed lately?

Tape off the bottom portion of your bag being sure to press the tape down firmly so you do not get any bleeding of the paint. 

Paint the bottom portion of the bag in white for a base coat. Since the leather is black and I am planning on using light colours for my stripes a base coat will allow the colours to be true and not have any black show through. 

Once your paint has fully dried remove your original piece of tape. Apply two more pieces one that will be directly on the painted line of your first colour and a second about half an inch above.

Again apply your base coat of white paint to this thinner line.

Apply your colour when your base coat has dried. I applied two coats of each colour to make sure they were solid colour with no white showing through. Once your paint has fully dried remove it and voila! You can apply modge podge or a clear sealant over the bag so that your paint wont get ruined over time and use.

Much Love!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Casual weekend...Outfit Post.

What I'm wearing:

Sunglasses - RayBan in Wayfarer.
Top - Sheer black tank from H&M.
Belt - Brown leather belt from Tommy Hilfiger. (ancient!)
Pants - Guess jeans.
Shoes - Brown leather wedge sandals from Aldo.
Ring - Bronze oversized metal ring from Forever21.
Bag - Coral clutch from Winners with gold details. I adore this bag so much. I think it has become my new favourite for summer. I am using it mostly as a clutch but it also came with an adorable dainty gold chain for a strap. When using the strap its so long it can be used as a crossbody bag which is perfect for little outings when I want to be hands free.

Much Love! 
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