Friday, August 24, 2012

Work wardrobe...From basics to fun accessories!

Dressing for work can be difficult. Trying to balance work appropriate with fun while showing your personality. But just because your dressing for work doesn't mean it has to be boring. By creating a work wardrobe with some great basics that are still stylish and fashionable you have the perfect starting point for your 9 to 5 wear. Here is a great wardrobe to start off from that includes great neutral tones and some fabulous fit! Pencil skirts in neutral colours may seem understated but nothing looks better than a great fitting skirt. Make sure this form fitting beauty is not too tight or too short. Just above the knee or below would be perfect for the office. Every woman knows that a great staple in your wardrobe is a classic pair of black slacks. Look for a straight leg (and again not too tight) this will keep the slacks modern and versatile. Shoes...your basic wardrobe should have a couple pairs of neutral shoes. I think they are perfect for that day when your running out of the house. Grab a pair of these and they will always match your outfit. Basic black pumps are not only a great staple but are forever classic! Nude heels will not only elongate your legs but are so effortlessly perfect. Last a comfortable pair of flats. Don't go too casual here, there are so many options with flats your bound to find the perfect pair that are both comfortable and dressy. 
The ever classic button down top. A crisp white button down is a long time basic and perfect for any working girl! Add a little flair to the classic style buy wearing a flowy fabric in a neutral tone. Also another great option for the button down is a pull over. Taking the beloved classic up a notch. 
Lastly a great fitting black blazer. Not only will this never go out of style it is a working wardrobe must! (in my eyes) 

A fun and simple way to add some fun and colour to your wardrobe is by incorporating bright blazers! Choose your outfit and add a bright or patterned blazer. Instantly with one simple addition your outfit has a whole new look and feel!
Once you have your basics for your work wardrobe you can play with the look and add tons of interest and dimension by playing with jewelry and accessories. Add a pop of colour with your shoes, bracelets, earrings or purse. An outfit can instantly be transformed into something completely new by just adding a few accessories. 

Much Love!

all photos via polyvore. 

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