Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Conquered my struggles and weight gain! Outfit Post

With this blog I have been somewhat hesitant to share too much personal information. Partially to keep some of my life private as well as unsure that people would really want to know. That being said this is a little more personal than usual but I am so happy and to be honest quite proud of myself.

After my mom passed away in April of 2010 I began a hard battle with a horrible bout of depression. It honestly seemed as though myself and my life were ripping apart at the seams and I couldn't hold it together. I new I needed help and with that I sought help from my family doctor who referred me to some others. I was however put on a strong dose of anti-depressants as well as sleeping aids as nighttime seemed to be the worst. I talked through my problems and issues and brought back up many things from the past. It seemed though that things would never go back to the way they were.

While dealing with the depression and being on the medication I gained weight. I guess its a well known fact that many anti-depressants have this terrible side effect but I could not afford to be off the medication as it was helping me through my struggles. The weight gain became its own struggle in and of itself. I was horrified that I had become the biggest I have ever been and I hated it.

Eventually I was able to lower the medication and stop taking the sleep aids. (The sleep aids were also another form of anti-depressants and are one of the worst for weight gain) I slowly started to regain my shape again. It looked as though my body was bloated with water. I hated getting dressed and looking at my clothes that no longer fit.

The jeans that I am wearing in this photo I have not been able to wear since June or July of 2010. I have not even attempted to try them on in the past 2 years as I knew they would not fit. They are the smallest pair of jeans I own and I kept them as a push to regain the body I had and lose the weight I had gained. Today for some reason I decided to try them on and was amazed as I slid them past my butt and was able to actually do them up.

So I can finally say I kicked the weights ass and have lost the weight I gained in about 5 months. I am so happy to finally be where I was (although maybe a tiny tiny bit bigger). I am going to try and lose a little more and putting those jeans on was the push to make me do so!

What I'm wearing:

Sunglasses - RayBan Wayfarer. Find them here.
Top - Flowy white tank by Vivienne Tam.
Jeans - American Eagle skinny jeans. Find similar here.
Bag - American Eagle Deux Lux grey purse. (purchased the other day from Winners so I couldn't find it online.
Shoes - Turquoise platform stilettos by Qupid.
Jewelry - 3 piece studded ring set from Forever21, Gold cross ring from Forever21.
Watch - Nixon in Small Player. Find it here.

Much Love!

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