About Me

Well where to start. I am very goofy and love more than anything else laughing. Reading this blog only outlines how goofy I truly am (you will see my silly self in some photos laughing ridiculously). I enjoy the simple things in life as well as some extravagant. I can be shy when first meeting people but soon open up and show my true self. I think I would be described as easy going and light hearted.

You could say my true passions in life are fashion, DIY and crafts, home decor, photography, my family and my dog. I love creating and feeling the joy at seeing a finished project that I have created. My family tends to call me Imelda Marcos for my love of shoes! Although I am no where close to what she once owned! Accessories, shoes and bags can really make an outfit so why not have many to choose from?

I was once called materialistic which made me keel over with laughter. Many items of clothing, shoes and accessories yes! Tons of money spent on said items no! I will admit I have some items in my wardrobe that I have dished out a pretty penny for but they are very few and far between. I absolutely love a bargain and tend to buy items on sale or clearance.

My family means the world to me as most people feel the same way. I have wonderful parents, my father and step mom have become two of my best friends. Growing up they are usually just your parents, as I have grown up though we have forged a new kind of relationship and its so much fun! I lost my mom in April of 2010 and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. When people say that it gets easier they are right, time has not healed the wounds that losing her left but it has made the pain much easier to handle.

At home which is one of my favourite places to be, I live with my boyfriend of almost 6 years. (feels silly to call him my boyfriend as it is so much more than that) and my doggy Cujo. Cujo who is a 3 year old shih tzu was my moms puppy. He was not a year old when we added him to our little family and he has been the perfect addition. I honestly could not imagine my life without him in it. I am not sure why my mom chose to name him Cujo (either the movie or the goalie). The movie wouldn't make much sense as he is only 18 pounds and is a huge cuddle bug!

Starting this blog has been so much fun and has provided me with an amazing creative outlet. I hope it grows and flourishes to become what I intend for it. In the meantime I enjoy my time here and I hope you do to.

Much Love... Caitlin.
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