Monday, July 25, 2011

Hot town, Summer in the city....My Summer Hair styles 2011

So I am totally in love with summer and everything that it has to offer, except unruly hair due to humidity. Don't get me wrong I love a "I just rolled out of bed" but controlled look. But totally not the "out of control can't do anything but put on a hat" look. So, this summer I am all about trying out cute new casual updo's for those "unruly" days. With the current heat streak we are having, this tends to be quite often. But I wont complain about heat when its all I want when we have 4 feet of snow.

I was browsing the web for some inspiration when I came across some fabulous styles that I just had to try. For some reason I am drawn to any style that involves a french braid. Not only is it a fabulous way to keep control of your fly aways, but it also adds a little "je ne sais quoi".

A side braid and low side style I am sporting a lot of this summer. I opt for a messier braid when wearing this style casually.


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