Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Curiosity often leads to trouble....Summer Nail Trends

In keeping with my previous post, I will just add I cannot go a day without my nails being painted. They have been painted for so long that I am not used to them being bare. This being said, I wanted to try out a new summer nail trend that I have been spotting for some time now. I never thought of painting my nails entirely white, maybe the tips but the whole nail? Well....I tried it and I love it! The polish I used has shine to it, although I would also like to try a white nail polish that has a matte finish.

There is just something about white that makes it so comforting to me. (maybe because my bed sheets have always been a crisp white, and whats more comfortable than bed?) The crisp and clean shade is perfect for summer! Although I may have to sport this colour year round.

The beautiful Orchid in these photos is thanks to my wonderful father as part of my birthday gift this past sunday. I have always wanted an orchid, they are so beautiful and there is nothing like having fresh flowers in the house. Lets just hope they aren't as hard to keep as it seems!


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