Thursday, July 28, 2011

You say its your Birthday...Well it's my Birthday too! Birthday gifts and Accessories.

So I love celebrating my birthday. Some people dread that one day out of the year because they only think of it as getting older, that much closer to grey hair, "oh my god I'm going to start to wrinkle!", and you get the point. But me, I enjoy it because's a day that is dedicated just to you! And common' tell me you don't enjoy that. But I also look at it as not getting older but more shall I say.....experienced. (and by that I mean 'life experience'.

And don't forget the wonderful birthday gifts that you receive! My parents this year picked out a card that actually made me teary! Granted I am an emotional person but this one was such a tear jerker! I plan on finding the perfect little frame for it, always a reminder of what an amazing family that I have.

Here is my accessory choices for today that include a few birthday gifts that I received.

My beautiful new Steve Madden 'Watermelon Satchel' (birthday gift) As well as my new dusty rose Cat eye sunglasses!

I am in love!

Oversized filigree ring.  Love!

And my Owl Pendant Necklace. Love!

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