Friday, July 6, 2012

Lusting Over: Floral Shorts

I have my eyes open for the perfect pair of floral shorts. It seems like I find a style I like but am not thrilled with the floral pattern, or a pattern I like and not thrilled with the style (you get the point). With that being said the hunt still continues but I thought I would share with you some adorable pairs I came across online. 

1. Frey hem short from Delias - $30. 2. White denim short from Delias - $25. 3. TNA conductor shorts from Aritzia - $70. 4. Neon rose cutoffs from NastyGal - $68. 5. Full bloom shorts from NastyGal - $68. 6. Pleated floral shorts from Forever21 - $16. 7. Floral denim shorts from Forever21 - $20.

Much Love...

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