Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY Cap Toe Pumps...

For this project I chose to use Martha Stewart Crafts multi surface acrylic paints. A regular white for the base coat as I wanted the green to really pop. The main colour I used the same Martha Stewart multi surface in Sea Glass. I love this almost sea foam, mint green colour! Against the dark brown of my shoes it really pops! 

1. Tape off the toe of the shoe pressing down the tape firmly so you do not get any bleeding. If there is a noticeable sole (or even a small one in my case) tape that as well to make it easier to paint without any slips. 

2. Paint each toe with a coat of white paint for the base coat. I did not worry about it being perfect I just wanted to make sure there was enough coverage.

3. Add two coats of your colour of choice and remove the tape before it dries. And voila! Your very own personalized cap toe shoes. How easy was that? I had a little bit of bleeding onto the sole of the shoe but with a little nail polish remover and a Qtip it comes off so easily.

Much Love...


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