Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How To: Distressed Denim DIY

You don't have to wait for your jeans to get worn out and distressed from wear, with a couple tools, some spare time, old jeans and a tiny bit of elbow grease you can achieve the perfect distressed look. By using a serrated knife, exacto knife and scissors you can achieve quite the array of distress to jeans. 

Not really shown in the picture above, when making cut off jean shorts run the knife along the bottom of the shorts to give a great frayed look.

I love how the serrated knife gives a more subtle fray and just frays the surface of the fabric without going right through.

By using the exacto knife you can create a more frayed area on the shorts that will go through the fabric.

Add fun interest to the pockets as well!

Much Love...

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  1. amazing! I have always wondered how people do that themselves!


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