Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Chevron Clutch Tutorial...

For this DIY I was overly excited to see the finished product I failed to take step by step photos! I will do my best to explain my process in writing along with the photos that I managed to remember to take. It is a very simple DIY with minimal steps. The hardest part is getting the chevron stripes to be geometrically accurate. As well the taping process is a little time consuming but putting in the effort and time will ensure that your stripes are measured perfectly! This DIY would work perfectly with a clutch, wallet or any other bag you want to use. I would suggest using a bag that has more structure to it as it is much easier to work with and paint.

1. Create a chevron template out of a thin cardboard. This will help immensely in the taping process ensuring that your stripes are all the same width and shape.

2. Use a small piece of tape to secure your template in place on your bag and begin taping your line. Right along the bottom and top line of your template. Trim any access at the ends where your tape meets at inside and outside corners. This will ensure you have sharp corners. I made my template one inch to match the same width of the tape. (You can see in the photo below I was left with an area at the back where I had to make a thinner stripe) Make sure you press the tape down firmly to the fabric as to not allow any bleeding.

3. Once you have taped all of your stripes onto your bag you can start painting. I painted using very thin coats. Using thin coats will make sure that you do not have any paint streaks and lines. (those paints lines from using a brush) The photo below shows the bottom stripe with one coat of paint while the top line shows two coats.

4. Let your paint dry before moving on to the next coat. (which takes only a couple of minutes with the Martha Stewart paint that I used (the paint is multi surface craft paint in Grey Wolf) I ended up doing 3 coats of paint which was the perfect amount of coverage and since I used very thin coats it wasn't too thick.

5. Once your paint has fully dried carefully pull off all of the tape from the bag and voila! You have a custom chevron clutch!

You can spray your coat with a clear sealant or use a thin layer of modge podge to insure that with use you won't get any scratches in your paint.

Much Love...

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