Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Everybody knows that a broken heart is blind...Outfit Post...

It was terribly hot outside today to the point where it was hard to breath. Although it has cooled down a tiny bit tonight I cannot believe I decided to venture out in jeans. With the humidex it felt like 47 degrees! Don't get me wrong I love heat and love summer and it can stay as long as it likes but all I can say is wow. That being said I stayed very casual today with little to no accessories other than my two tiny silver bracelets (that I never really take off).

What I wore:

Sunglasses - Ray Ban in Cockpit.
Top - Navy blue cotton button up tank from RW&Co.
Bag - I found this cute little white clutch at the thrift store the other day, added a grey chevron pattern to it and Im in love. (tiny tutorial to come)
Pants - White skinny jeans from H&M.
Shoes - Brown leather sandal wedges from Aldo.

Title lyrics - The Black Keys - Little black submarine.


  1. love that chevron clutch - can't wait to read your tutorial!

    don't forget to enter the giveaway up on my blog!


  2. great clutch and shoes!!!
    lovely combination!


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