Friday, July 13, 2012

Laughter captured in a photo....Outfit post outtakes...

Summer, how much I love it I could honestly not even begin to describe. This year has been absolutely amazing so far. With so much time spent with friends and family in this beautiful weather I could not ask for anything more. Also I feel like such a little kid right now as I am counting down the days to my birthday, even know getting older is sometimes a little scary (mind you Im not that old lol) I enjoy my birthday each year. Not only is it usually a fun celebration but its a time to get together with the ones I love and have a blast! This being said 11 days til the big day. 

When going through the photos and editing I always find myself laughing at a lot of the photos that were taken. "What the heck am I doing there?" I try not to pose to much in my photos, I tend to feel more comfortable to just moving and walking around. When I pose, they look posed and I end up looking ridiculous. When I am just being myself they turn out so much better. (mind you not all) As you will see from these photos they also capture my true silly personality. It seems everytime I head out to take photos I end up laughing hysterically at something. So here are a few outtakes, and some that made it from previous outfit posts. 

See....What is going on in the above picture? I love being able to laugh at myself. (I think this may have been the aftermath of a huge bug landing on me)

Much Love...and Happy Friday!

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  1. lovely outfit, maybe we could follow each other?♥


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