Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Solution to my jewelry organization!

Keeping my jewelry neatly organized used to be such a headache for me. I have and adorable jewelry box but it always seemed too small to hold all my oversized rings, bracelets and bangles, dangly earrings and large pendant necklaces. My necklaces were always getting tangled together no matter how neat and tidy I kept each compartment. Finally I had enough and decided that it was time to find a solution.

The solution to my tangled mess of jewelry came in the form of an adorable little shelf with hangers. Not only does it keep my necklaces and larger pairs of earrings neat and tidy but it displays them like a little piece of art in our bathroom.

I was not sure what to put on the top shelf but looking on the counter in the bathroom I saw the nail polish bottles for the summer season shoved in a corner. With the changing seasons I am always changing my nail polish choices to suit the time of year. So now I have the perfect little spot for the select colours I am wearing during any season. I love being able to have a place for everything, it makes finding things so much easier, that rooting under the sink in the basket I keep all my colours in. Or detangling a mess of chains in my jewelry box.

I am loving this bathroom more and more each time I add something new.  I was very hesitant about painting the room purple as I am more of a neutral tone kinda girl. But when the hubby gave me the go ahead to make this bathroom my own (seeing as I already took it over with all my stuff) I thought why not? I love it its my little girly oasis. The rest of the house (besides my office) is suited towards the both of us. So I love having my own little space to get ready each day.


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