Monday, August 1, 2011

....Office Re-decorated!

I have been wanting for a long time to redecorate my home office and this past weekend I dedicated my time to doing so. I found a fabulous little dining room table that I ended up painting white, which makes for a great desk and its very large so a fab crafting table ta-boot! (I never liked the 'office' desks). I stopped off at Rona the other day to grab some spray paint and they had a huge clearance tent. I of course had to see what deals they had. And there it was way in the back all on its own this fab table that just needed some love. I am so in love and even more so because I got it for a steal!!

So I bought a few other accessories, gave some of them a little makeover and I finally have an office space I love.


My lion that I sprayed white : ) Love it

This is my little assistant, he likes being up where he can see whats going on and also to look out the window. Love him!!!

This cork board was plain brown when I got it so I had to customize! Love

There are a few other items I would like to get for this room but all in good time. It takes me a while to shop because I like to find that 'perfect piece'. : )

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