Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rosette Lampshade DIY

I was in a love hate relationship with the lamps in my bedroom. They are cute and simple and do the job they are meant to but I was beginning to find them boring. The lamps are meant to just be temporary until we find a pair that we absolutely love, which is surprisingly harder than I thought. I never just want to settle when it comes to the decor in our house. I want to find that one piece that stands out and says "Perfect".

Bedside lamps were one thing we really could not go without so we decided to buy an inexpensive pair of temporary lamps at Ikea. They are totally cute and match the colour scheme in our room perfectly. But they just needed a little 'je ne sais qua' and I couldn't figure out what I could do to them until I found the permanent replacements. That was until I had some extra strips of grey fabric.

And voila! Nothing too drastic but just enough to add a little more interest to the shades. These rosettes are so simple to make, but I think they are adorable. So with a little fabric, hot glue and some creativity (mind you very little) these lamps have been spruced up just enough to make me love them again. Now I am debating buying more of the same fabric and covering the entire shade in rosettes. But for now the little flowers add just enough.


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