Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marbled Nail Polish Design

I love the way this nail design looks and the best part is its SO simple. I chose subtle colours for my'n but you can mix any colours of your own.

Start With a glass of water, your nail polish choices and some tooth picks.

Add a couple drops of each colour choice into the water, which will create a large circle.

Use your toothpick to make your design pulling in towards the middle of the circle.

Dip your finger into the circle until the whole nail is submerged.
Once your nail is covered swirl your toothpick around in the water and all the left over polish will stick. Thus leaving you with a clean slate for your next nail!

Clean around the edges of the nail and VOILA! You have yourself marbled nails. See its that easy! Try using brighter colours and multiple to get a funky design!


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