Sunday, August 7, 2011

Boyfriend jeans....brilliant? I say absolutely!!


When this trend first surfaced I was somewhat hesitant. I thought this look could be amazing or an utter flop. The trend has taken off quite successfully but this does not mean everyone has got the look down right. I found the key to the 'Boyfriend jean' is loose fitted of course but not so much that you become lost in the pants. Trying on different fits and styles is a must for this trend. Finding the right balance between loose fitting and looking like you have been swallowed by the pants is a fine line. But, once you find the right pair I think this trend is totally genius and not to mention so comfortable.


I decided to raid my fiances closet and stole a few pairs of his jeans he no longer wears. Now I am a true believer that boyfriend closet thefts and pure genius. I have been sporting this trend for quite some time now and do not think I will be stopping anytime soon. So many possibilities with these jeans. LOVE them!


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