Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"And my runway never looked to clear, but the hottest b*&%#? in heels right here!"

Today I was finally trying to sort out all of my pictures from my trip to Italy a couple months ago. There are so many and to be honest I just couldn't sit there any longer. That said, while flipping through the pictures I found myself really wanting to go back! I wish I could have spent so much more time there, there were literally stores all over the place. I would have gone into each and everyone of them if I could have. And the women, wow I could not believe it. Amazing is the only word to describe it. Everyday dressed up to the nines even if they were just getting there daily bread. They took such pride in there appearance and how they presented themselves. The amount of woman wearing heels totally outweighed the amount who wore flats. Sometimes I found myself wondering how they weren't falling all over the place on the old cobblestone streets. But, I guess if you grew up on those streets it becomes second nature.

While in Italy our home base was a small town called Este which is about half an hour from Venice. This town had the most fabulous little shops I found myself going back into them more than once.

The cobblestone was a bit hard for me in the heels that I brought with me, but I ended up finding these adorable little wedge heels that were perfect.

The weather while we were there was gorgeous, walking through all the little towns we went through got quite warm so I was tending to dress a little more casual. I wanted a cute pair of flats to wear when I really wasn't in the mood to put on heels after 12 hours of walking. I found these little sandals and totally fell in love.

Needless to say I cannot wait to go back. Everything was so beautiful, I loved the old buildings and the ease of life that was Italy.


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