Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Office Accessories Wish List

Today I was looking around on line for some home decor ideas and came across some pieces that I would love to have in my office. I decided I was going to create a wish list with the items that I would like to have, hopefully I can find items that are similar to these. But I figure it gives me a great start off point, and a general idea of what I would like.

I would love to have a cute little ottoman that may or may not have space inside for storage, I even have the perfect spot reserved for one! I came across this adorable storage ottoman that would be perfect!


I have always wanted to have a pretty chandelier in my office but I don't have the high ceilings for a large one. Then I came across this and thought it is the perfect compromise! I have seen this light fixture at Home Depot and other stores alike in the past and I always liked it. Now that my office is put together I now have the perfect place for it. But that is not the best part. This fabulous chandelier is totally ATM friendly, and I always love a great deal!


Looking around Home Sense is one of my fav things to do, you never know what cute little pieces your going to find. I have seen these hourglasses quite often. I always like them but never end up buying one.  I have decided that next time I come across the perfect one I will not hesitate. I think something like this would look so cute on a desk or as an accent on a bookshelf.


For years I have always fantasized about having a mannequin in my office, now that I finally have the office its just a matter of getting my hands on a mannequin. And let me tell you, they are not easy to find. I mean sure you can go out and pick one up for loads of that hard earned money, but I have a difficult time justifying spending so much. So the search continues. I know that if I am patient I will come across one someday and love it all the more! I love this one!


I am quite certain that I will be adding to this wish list, and also finding great pieces for my house that aren't even on this list. But its a start! I kind of have a visual diary in my head of pieces that I am looking for, but sometimes you just never know when something else is going to catch your eye.


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