Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Summer lovin' happened so fast!"

So I may be jumping the gun on this post, but you can never be too prepared when it comes to fashion. With the cooler weather slowly creeping up on us it is soon going to be time to put away the summer dresses. There is one thing I look forward to in the cooler weather and that is layering. I love layering clothing, it adds so much dimension and interest to an outfit. I also find it is easier to dress for those days of feeling bloated and gross. Because we all know a great hair day and a kick ass outfit can brighten up those gloomy days.




The transition period from Summer to Fall is a great time of year for mixing up your outfits and layering different colours, patterns and textures. Not only is the weather still warm enough for some of your Summer wardrobe but also cool enough for some of your fall wardrobe as well. Making the choices endless! Mix and match pieces from the two seasons like wearing shorts with a cute knit top or blazer.




As the weather gets cooler you are ready to transition from summer/fall clothing and layer your little heart away!


(Title - Grease - Summer Nights)

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