Monday, August 8, 2011

Would you wear Suspenders?

I think this fashion trend is a love it or hate it situation. I for one fall under the love it category. The key to wearing this trend in my opinion is subtlety. Don't go over the top to the point of Steve Ercle. This look is so easy to pull of weather your dressing casual in jeans or dress for a day at the office. If your unsure of this trend but want to give it a try, check your local thrift store so your not forking out a lot of cash for something you may not wear for long. Another way to dabble in the trend is to try thinner suspenders, the small thin lines are a subtle way to add interest without going full boar - over the top. So wether your raiding your dads closet or venturing to the thrift store, hone in on that inner 'nerd' and rock those suspenders.

Cute ways to wear your suspenders with confidence.





And.......this one well just DONT do it. 



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