Friday, December 30, 2011

Ringing in the New Year for 2011....In the perfect little party dress.

I cannot believe that 2011 is nearing its end so soon. I feel like this year literally just started and part of me is excited for a new year, but another part of me is scared that time is going by much too fast. I love coming into a new year. There is such a feeling of optimism that I love with the beginning of a brand new year. It feels like we can rewrite parts of our lives that weren't quite perfected in the previous year, eliminate portions or just rework the frayed ends. Like putting the last few brush strokes into a painting and taking a step back and seeing something complete. Life however I feel is never quite 'complete'. It can be perfect and seem complete for the time being but there are always additions and modifications to be made. What better time than the start of a New Year. There is something very comforting about the thought of getting to start over or make adjustments to portions of life. I don't have any major resolutions this year or anything that is needing a lot of work. However the New Year always deserves a warm welcoming, and throwing a party or going to one seems to be the most appropriate way to do so. I came across a few adorable and in my eyes very suitable dresses for the occasion. I feel like New Years Eve is the perfect night to wear something sparkly! I am very attracted to sequin dresses right now and I found so perfect little long sleeve numbers the other day that I think I may have to adopt into my wardrobe.

 These two little black numbers are at the top of my adorable list. They are so perfect for the occasion. I find them very sexy while still being classy. The sparkle of the sequins....what more needs to be said?
 Now this Sweater Dress I feel would be utterly fabulous for any occasion. Also the simplicity of it is right up my ally! I love something that I can throw on and feel great in while looking great doing so! This dress would be perfect for a more low key New Years get together. I would pair this with some cute black tights and a little pair of heels or booties with a simple hair style of long flowing curls and its perfection!
 If you are not so keen on the sparkle I also found this Red one shoulder dress. Again the simplicity of the dress really drew me to it. But again while being something so simple it still screams sexy and class! The silhouette of this dress looks comforting as well. Perfect for after eating so much over the holidays its not entirely form fitting but still would be very flattering.
For another option this cute little cocktail dress. I feel like this time of year needs a dress with sleeves, something that covers just a little bit more skin than the little summer dresses! This is another silhouette that would be very flattering on almost any figure.

I hope to each and everyone of you that you all have a fabulous New Years and a great New Year!


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