Monday, April 16, 2012

Hermès Paper Clutch Bag DIY

Whilst browsing around my usual sites this morning I came across a great new post from the blogger Love Maegan. She did a great little piece about these adorable printable clutch patterns that are currently featured on the Hermès website under the Travel the World with Hermès section of the site. (which is great by the way, its almost like Hermès own little pin board for the world to see) While paper is probably not the most practical for a usable clutch it is perfect for a great little art piece to showcase. Maybe using a plastic coated paper would be a little more durable for the occasional use in the practical sense. I also thought because the clutch is such a great, simple and versatile style, you could cut out the template and trace it onto a great enforced fabric and make a totally usable clutch! I am going to do both, the paper for my office as a little art piece and also test out the fabric and see how successful that is!

They have 6 designs that you can print....

The printable patterns they have available for this clutch are all so great. When clicking through the site there is an easy to follow printable cut-out page for each design. 



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