Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life truly is what we make it!

Sometimes in life we do not stop to really appreciate all that each of our lives has to offer us. Not appreciating the sunshine after a storm, the trees and the oxygen they provide us to live, the dirt in which our food is able to grow and the mother who provided life to you, who loved you unconditionally and who was your best friend. 

Not taking the time to really stop and appreciate everything in life is an unfortunate life that many of us live. We do not realize sometimes how much something or someone is needed or how much they truly mean to you until they are gone. 

We live in a world that is so fast passed it feels like we are all on fast forward. It feels like one moment is here and in the blink of an eye so much changes. Life is not a right that anyone of us has, it is a privilege that is too often taken for granted. Life is beautiful, but like most things beautiful life is fragile. If you to not treat it with care it can so easily be broken and taken from you. 

Life see us through times of love, and times of loss, and times of change. Life teaches us so many valuable lessons and the rest we have to learn on our own. How to become ourselves without losing the knowledge of how to respect and appreciate the life that we are given. All too often we forget what we have learned and lose the knowledge of what is important in life until it is taken. And like most things that are taken from us we have no way of getting them back. 

Learning how to mow forward and accept mistakes that we have made is one lesson that we learn and we teach ourselves to move forward but not forget. By not forgetting mistakes we have made it helps us to avoid those same mistakes in the future. But in order to move forward we need to learn how to forgive. Learn how to forgive both ourselves and others. Forgiveness cannot be forced, you have to want to forgive and you also have to find what it truly means to forgive. Only then will you be able to move forward. But you will be moving forward with very important tools that will help you make the best of the life that has provided to you. Tools that will help you to appreciate the beautiful gift that we are given the day that we are born. And appreciate the parents who not only gave you the gift of life but also the parents who helped you live that life. 

In honor of my mom, I am dedicating the rest of my life in memory of you. My mother and my best friend. Don't lose what is most important to you, always appreciate what you have. 

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