Sunday, September 18, 2011

Military/Anorak Jackets Fall MUST HAVE

So I am back from my short hiatus. A mixture of being crazy busy at work and the unfortunate event of having my wisdom teeth removed have kept me away. But I am back and SO glad to be! What better way to kick off than with a post about a fabulous jacket that is def one of my fav styles in a very long time.

Seeing that fall is upon us I have brought out some of my jackets and have been sporting one in particular quite often. My army green military/anorak jacket. I love, love, love this style of coat. Not only is it completely practical but it looks down right amazing as well. The colour goes with everything and I mean everything, I dress this coat up and wear it casual and I love it either way. I am very tempted to invest in a warmer one for Winter because I do not see myself wanting to part with it once the snow starts falling. In the meantime while looking for a winter version of this stunner I will be sporting this one A LOT!

I came across some super cute styles online and they are endless. I love the military feel to this jacket but it is still so fashionable! Not going all the way to picking up a military jacket from the army surplus store. No this jacket screams fashion sense and style.


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