Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallows Eve!

I absolutely love Halloween. What other day of the year do you have an excuse to dress up and actually go out in public without the stares and odd looks from people passing by. I however did not get too creative this year as I have been so busy I hadn't any time to really put a whole lot of effort into a unique and fun costume. So I went for a classic and dressed up as a pirate. I love this costume, I would have to say my fav part of it is the paisley skirt! I love the colours and intricate pattern of the overlay which opens in the front to reveal a frilly, lacy underskirt. The top to the outfit is a shiny black corset with a classic white pirate shirt underneath. I wore the eye patch for maybe 5 minutes that evening and it was off for the rest. No one ever told me how uncomfortable that is! However even without the eye patch I love this costume. I will not however be wearing it this evening when the hubby and I hand out candy to the little 'Trick or Treaters' as the temperature is literally 1 degree outside!

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