Friday, June 8, 2012

Pale Pink Lip....Spring/Summer makeup!

Over the past few years I have become more and more drawn to make up and much more open to wearing it. I used to stick to powder, blush and mascara (which I still do quite often) and never really took the jump to wearing anything else. I still find it hard to experiment with eyeshadows that are not in the neutral pallet but I find I am much more comfortable in a neutral than any vibrant or even light colour. I think the key to wearing makeup of any kind is to feel comfortable and still feel like yourself, only a little more glamorized version of yourself!

With summer upon us I have been so drawn to beautiful fun light shades of pale pink lipstick that are almost a nude tone. I used to be one who only ever wore Labello lip balm or any other  great lip moisturizer. Last year I took the leap and purchased my first ever lipstick which I am still in love with, the gorgeous Covergirl lip perfection in Temptress. I adore the vibrant shade of pink and huge pop of colour that this lipstick gives. However I wanted something that could be worn more on a daily basis, something to just throw on and go. 

My first venture into the world of pale pink (almost a nude pink lipstick) came in an adorable little tube by Revlon in Pink Sugar. I am so in love with this lipstick and am beyond happy that I purchased it. Although the price tag for some Revlon products is a little steep (in my opinion) I would certainly purchase it again. The quality of the product is fantastic, it lasts so long before you have to reapply and feels great on. 

While browsing around shoppers drug mart the other day I saw that they had a new line of makeup products, took a quick look and remarked at how inexpensive the products actually were! Everything less than $5.00 which is quite remarkable in the makeup world, even for a drug store. However I didn't need anything and was in a sort of hurry. Then while watching Fashion Television one night they showed a segment on this brand and I was fascinated. Essence is a totally budget friendly brand, while being so inexpensive they strive for quality and in my opinion have certainly achieved it. Since seeing the segment on TV I have since gone back and purchased a few items and must say they are great! In this purchase I found another amazing pale pink lip stick that was less than $2.50! For an everyday lipstick that I will carry around with me in my purse THIS is it. I love the colour, quality and price. The shade is called In the nude and its so pretty and honestly feels like a lip balm as apposed to a lipstick which is a huge plus!

What is your favourite Spring/Summer go-to make-up?


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